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Network of interactions between drugs (red spheres) and targets (blue spheres) is displayed above.
The red lines are used for the predicted interactions and the thickness of edges indicate the confidence score of predictions.

Data source: DrugBank-all; Query type: chemical; # of requested predictions: 20; Secondary interactions: no
Input drug 1: DB01954
No. Group Type Drug ID Drug Name SMILES
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1 Investigational SmallMoleculeDrug DB01954 Rolipram Thumb

2 known interactions (targets) of input drug (DB01954): Rolipram
No. Gene UniProt ID Protein Name Pathway PDB
1 PDE4D Q08499 cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 4D hsa00230; hsa04024; hsa04928; hsa05032
2 PDE4B Q07343 cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 4B hsa00230; hsa04024; hsa04928; hsa05032

20 predicted interactions (targets) of input drug (DB01954): Rolipram
No. Gene UniProt ID Protein Name Pathway PDB Confidence score
1 PDE4A P27815 cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 4A hsa00230; hsa04024; hsa04928; hsa05032 2QYK; 3I8V; 3TVX 45.0%
2 PDE4C Q08493 cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 4C hsa00230; hsa04024; hsa04928; hsa05032 1LXU; 2QYM 42.1%
3 ADORA2A P29274 Adenosine receptor A2a hsa04015; hsa04020; hsa04024; hsa04080; hsa04270; hsa05012; hsa05034 1MMH; 1UPE; 2YDO; 2YDV; 3EML; 3PWH; 3QAK; 3REY; 3RFM; 3UZA; 3UZC; 3VG9; 3VGA; 4EIY; 4UG2; 4UHR 24.0%
4 PDE5A O76074 cGMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase hsa00230; hsa04022 22.1%
5 ADA P00813 Adenosine deaminase hsa00230; hsa01100; hsa05340 1M7M; 3IAR 20.8%
6 PDE2A O00408 cGMP-dependent 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase hsa00230; hsa04022; hsa04740; hsa04925; hsa05032 1Z1L; 3IBJ; 3ITM; 3ITU; 4C1I; 4D08; 4D09; 4HTX; 4HTZ; 4JIB 18.2%
7 PDE7B Q9NP56 cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 7B hsa00230; hsa05032 1LXW 16.8%
8 HINT1 P49773 Histidine triad nucleotide-binding protein 1 NA 1AV5; 1KPA; 1KPB; 1KPC; 1KPE; 1KPF; 3TW2; 4EQE; 4EQG; 4EQH 16.7%
9 ACSS2 Q9NR19 Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase, cytoplasmic hsa00010; hsa00620; hsa00630; hsa00640; hsa01100; hsa01200 NA 16.6%
10 PDE8A O60658 High affinity cAMP-specific and IBMX-insensitive 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 8A hsa00230; hsa04927; hsa04934; hsa05032 1LHQ; 1LXX; 3ECM; 3ECN 16.3%
11 PIM1 P11309 Serine/threonine-protein kinase pim-1 hsa04630; hsa04933; hsa05200; hsa05206; hsa05221 16.0%
12 PDE10A Q9Y233 cAMP and cAMP-inhibited cGMP 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 10A hsa00230; hsa05032 15.9%
13 PDE3A Q14432 cGMP-inhibited 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase A hsa00230; hsa04022; hsa04024; hsa04924; hsa05032 1LRC 15.6%
14 ADK P55263 Adenosine kinase hsa00230; hsa01100 1BX4; 2I6A; 2I6B; 4O1L 15.6%
15 PRKAB1 Q9Y478 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase subunit beta-1 hsa04068; hsa04152; hsa04211; hsa04213; hsa04371; hsa04530; hsa04710; hsa04714; hsa04910; hsa04920; hsa04921; hsa04922; hsa04931; hsa04932; hsa05410 4CFE; 4CFF 15.5%
16 NOS2 P35228 Nitric oxide synthase, inducible hsa00220; hsa00330; hsa01100; hsa04020; hsa04066; hsa04146; hsa04371; hsa04926; hsa05132; hsa05133; hsa05140; hsa05142; hsa05145; hsa05146; hsa05152; hsa05200; hsa05222 1NSI; 2LL6; 2NSI; 3E7G; 3EJ8; 3HR4; 4CX7; 4NOS 15.3%
17 PDE3B Q13370 cGMP-inhibited 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase B hsa00230; hsa04022; hsa04024; hsa04371; hsa04910; hsa04914; hsa04922; hsa04923; hsa04924; hsa05032 1SO2; 1SOJ 15.2%
18 LYZ P61626 Lysozyme C hsa04970
133L; 134L; 1B5U; 1B5V; 1B5W; 1B5X; 1B5Y; 1B5Z; 1B7L; 1B7M; 1B7N; 1B7O; 1B7P; 1B7Q; 1B7R; 1B7S; 1BB3; 1BB4; 1BB5; 1C43; 1C45; 1C46; 1C7P; 1CJ6; 1CJ7; 1CJ8; 1CJ9; 1CKC; 1CKD; 1CKF; 1CKG; 1CKH; 1D6P; 1D6Q; 1DI3; 1DI4; 1DI5; 1EQ4; 1EQ5; 1EQE; 1GAY; 1GAZ; 1GB0; 1GB2; 1GB3; 1GB5; 1GB6; 1GB7; 1GB8; 1GB9; 1GBO; 1GBW; 1GBX; 1GBY; 1GBZ; 1GDW; 1GDX; 1GE0; 1GE1; 1GE2; 1GE3; 1GE4; 1GEV; 1GEZ; 1GF0; 1GF3; 1GF4; 1GF5; 1GF6; 1GF7; 1GF8; 1GF9; 1GFA; 1GFE; 1GFG; 1GFH; 1GFJ; 1GFK; 1GFR; 1GFT; 1GFU; 1GFV; 1HNL; 1I1Z; 1I20; 1I22; 1INU; 1IOC; 1IP1; 1IP2; 1IP3; 1IP4; 1IP5; 1IP6; 1IP7; 1IWT; 1IWU; 1IWV; 1IWW; 1IWX; 1IWY; 1IWZ; 1IX0; 1IY3; 1IY4; 1JKA; 1JKB; 1JKC; 1JKD; 1JSF; 1JWR; 1LAA; 1LHH; 1LHI; 1LHJ; 1LHK; 1LHL; 1LHM; 1LMT; 1LOZ; 1LYY; 1LZ1; 1LZ4; 1LZ5; 1LZ6; 1LZR; 1LZS; 1OP9; 1OUA; 1OUB; 1OUC; 1OUD; 1OUE; 1OUF; 1OUG; 1OUH; 1OUI; 1OUJ; 1QSW; 1RE2; 1REM; 1REX; 1REY; 1REZ; 1TAY; 1TBY; 1TCY; 1TDY; 1UBZ; 1W08; 1WQM; 1WQN; 1WQO; 1WQP; 1WQQ; 1WQR; 1YAM; 1YAN; 1YAO; 1YAP; 1YAQ; 207L; 208L; 2BQA; 2BQB; 2BQC; 2BQD; 2BQE; 2BQF; 2BQG; 2BQH; 2BQI; 2BQJ; 2BQK; 2BQL; 2BQM; 2BQN; 2BQO; 2HEA; 2HEB; 2HEC; 2HED; 2HEE; 2HEF; 2LHM; 2MEA; 2MEB; 2MEC; 2MED; 2MEE; 2MEF; 2MEG; 2MEH; 2MEI; 2NWD; 2ZIJ; 2ZIK; 2ZIL; 2ZWB; 3EBA; 3FE0; 3LHM; 3LN2; 4I0C; 4ML7; 4R0P
19 PDE1C Q14123 Calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1C hsa00230; hsa04020; hsa04740; hsa04742; hsa04924; hsa05032 1LXS 14.5%
20 PDE7A Q13946 High affinity cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase 7A hsa00230; hsa05032 1ZKL; 3G3N; 4PM0; 4Y2B 14.3%


Reference:  Hongchun Li, Fen Pei, D. Lansing Taylor and Ivet Bahar. (2020) QuartataWeb: Integrated Chemical–Protein-Pathway Mapping for Polypharmacology and Chemogenomics. Bioinformatics 36(12), 3935–3937.


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