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GO enrichment results  
Top 20 enriched GO molecular function (p-value based on targets)

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Data source: DrugBank-all; Query type: chemical; # of predictions: 20; Secondary interactions: no
Input drug 1: DB12445

6 GO molecular function of known targets for input drug:
No. GO terms Targets # of targets p-value (EPT) p-value (EPD)
1 prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase activity PTGS1 1 0.0021 0.059
2 dioxygenase activity PTGS1 1 0.0021 0.079
3 peroxidase activity PTGS1 1 0.0071 0.059
4 lipid binding PTGS1 1 0.019 0.067
5 heme binding PTGS1 1 0.027 0.1
6 metal ion binding PTGS1 1 0.11 0.19


Reference:  Hongchun Li, Fen Pei, D. Lansing Taylor and Ivet Bahar. (2020) QuartataWeb: Integrated Chemical–Protein-Pathway Mapping for Polypharmacology and Chemogenomics. Bioinformatics 36(12), 3935–3937.


The QuartataWeb server is maintained by the Bahar Lab at the Department of Computational & Systems Biology at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, and sponsored by the NIH awards P41 GM103712 and P01 DK096990; and by the Li Lab at Research Center for Computer-Aided Drug Discovery at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, CAS.

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